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Established in 1972, Indiana University School of Medicine - Evansville is one of eight regional campuses within the state of Indiana which, together with Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, constitute the Indiana University School of Medicine, the largest school of  Indiana University.  Originally, IUSM - Evansville was divided between two campuses, one located on the University of Evansville Campus and the other was located on the University of Southern Indiana Campus. After 22, years the two locations were combined in December of 1994 when the IUSM - Evansville campus moved into the third floor of the Health Professions Center on the campus of the University of Southern Indiana.

The City of Evansville, a city of roughly 125,000 residents (2000 census) is one of the most southern cities in the state located on the northern bank of the Ohio River.  This location makes it a Tri-State Center for the Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois region.

Students interested in applying for admission to Indiana University School of Medicine and being assigned to IUSM - Evansville can contact:

Office of Admissions

Indiana University School of Medicine
Fesler Hall
1120 South Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46620, USA.
Telephone: (317) 274 3772