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The curriculum across the state has been designed so that "80%" is the core information each discipline has agreed to present to all medical students throughout the state. It is expected that course directors will devote at least 80% of their course time to this core material. The remaining 20% of the course time is devoted to topics chosen by the individual course directors.

View the 80% core for each discipline here.

First Year Courses

Course Instructor
Human Gross Anatomy (D503)Director, Dale W. Saxon, Ph.D.
Neurobiology (D505)Director, Audra Schutte, Ph.D.
Biochemistry (B800)Director, G. S. Seetharamaiah, Ph.D.
Microbiology (J602)Director, Carla J. Aldrich, Ph.D.
Immunology (J601)Director, Carla J. Aldrich, Ph.D.
Physiology (F513)Director, Mari Hopper, Ph.D.
Histology (D504)Director, Catherine F. McGraw, Ph.D.
Introduction to Medicine I (X600)Director, Elizabeth Kalb, Ph.D.

Second Year Courses

Biostatistics (X662) Director, W. Brett Zimmerman, Ph.D.
Pharmacology (F664) Director, W. Brett Zimmerman, Ph.D.
Medical Genetics (Q661) Director, K. Baath, Ph.D.
General Pathology (C663)Director, Stephen L. Rose, M.D.
Systemic Pathology (C664) Director, Stephen L. Rose, M.D
Introduction to Medicine II (X661) Directors, Clifford Dotson, M.D. & Steven Becker, M.D.

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