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Competencies at IUSM Evansville

Competency Curriculum

In order to ensure that our educational process more accurately reflects our commitment to graduating caring and competent physicians, Indiana University School of Medicine initiated a competency curriculum in 1999. The first class of students to enter under a four-year competency curriculum graduated in 2003. The newly established curriculum consists of nine competencies. Assessment and certification of achievement of the nine competencies is sequentially integrated into each year of the curriculum culminating with a competency transcript upon graduation.            

Dean Brater's Message on the purpose and importance of the Competency Curriculum.

IUSM - Evansville Competency Leaders

Competency I

Effective Communication

G. S. Seetharamaiah, Ph.D.

Competency II

Clinical Skills

Rhonda J. Eubanks. M.D.

Competency III

Science in Medicine

Carla J. Aldrich, Ph.D.

Competency IV

Life-Long Learning

Steven G. Becker, M.D.

Competency V


Elizabeth A. Kalb, Ph.D.

Competency VI

Social/Community Aspects of Health Care

Elizabeth A. Kalb, Ph.D.

Competency VII

Moral and Ethical Reasoning

Brett Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Competency VIII

Problem Solving

Catherine McGraw, Ph.D.

Competency IX


Dale W. Saxon, Ph.D.

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