Position Title: Lead Academic Advisor

Department Information

Established in 1972, Indiana University School of Medicine-Evansville is one of eight regional campuses within the state of Indiana which, together with Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, constitute the Indiana University School of Medicine, the largest school of Indiana University.


Job Summary

Primary Role:
The Lead Advisor assists with the design, development and operation of the School of Medicine programs that support career, personal, and academic development. The Lead Advisor will help students through barriers to student academic progress in the high stakes environment of medical school and assess student learning styles and apply tailored approaches to study in the post graduate arena.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Develop strategies to enhance student advising and assisting those students with academic difficulties; propose policy and procedural changes to improve student retention and degree attainment; develop academic intervention and remediation strategies for at-risk students, including specific strategies for both institutional and national high-stakes standardized testing; and establish a system to identify resources and make student referrals for academic support.

Recruit, train and oversee advisors including documentation of advisor meetings. Oversee a team of advisors and support the advisement of students in their cohort. The lead advisor serves as the second point of contact and is functionally responsible for developing an advising team and supporting students.

Arrange group and individual meetings with MS1-MS4 students
• Document student meetings with Careers in Medicine Checklists and Ad Hoc Meeting forms
• Ensure students meet with their advisors
• Work with the ADAA to identify at risk students and implement remediation plans
• Work with the competency and course/clerkship directors to ensure that appropriate remediation is completed

Support students through the college and house model. Partner with students to administer leadership of the House and its students, budget management, coordinating intervention and support for academic advising of a cohort of students, program development and implementation.


Required Qualifications

Master’s degree from an accredited institution in Educational Psychology, Counseling, Higher Education, or a related behavioral field.

Plus at least 2 to 4 years of experience providing educational assessment and intervention assistance to adult learners. Experience must include utilization of assessment techniques and the conduct of educational workshops/training.

To be successful, candidates should have strong written and verbal communication skills and team-oriented approach. Strong judgment and decision making skills. Ability to prioritize and organize work in fast-paced environment. Ability to take the initiative to develop and deliver workshops for students.


Preferred Qualifications

Familiarity with national licensing exams and medical school curriculum is preferable as is experience with evaluation and remediation of students at an advanced level.


Working Conditions/Physical Demands

Attendance, detecting, communicating, standing for presentations, sitting for long periods of time in front of a computer.

To apply

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